Welcome to Masala Factory

A traditional Indian welcome lies ahead of you at Masala factory. You will experience the finest, authentic cuisine, prepared with exotic ingredients to create a unique edge.

We cook elegant, rustic, honest food that flicks your senses from classic flavours to new inspired dishes cooked by super-skilled veteran minds. Our aim is to delight customers with our food and service.

Healthy Fresh And Hot Dishes.

Best offers from the house chef.

Special Food

Let's Discover Food

Masala Cheese Sandwich

(Pan grilled cottage cheese & vegetables with spices in sandwich bread served with chips)

Paneer & Corn Burger

(Rich and mild petty of cottage cheese & tender corn with mustard mayo and lettuce, served with chips)


(A perfect match of macaroni and cheese cooks to Perfection)

Our Best Recipes

  • Vegetable Burgers
  • (All time favourite vegetable patty with lettuce and cheese, served with chips)
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